Past work and drafts

I work mostly on the syntax-semantics interface, with interests in 'non-lexicalist' or 'neo-constructionist' syntax. Some of my narrower interests include (but are not limited to) argument structure, ellipsis, and compositionality 'below the word level'. So far, I have been looking at (the somewhat unrelated topics of) deverbal nominalizations, question-formation, and quantifiers. This last project involves carrying on a lot of work from UMD, which investigates how quantifiers are interpreted in real time. I am also interested in the internal structure of quantifiers, and whether that can tell us anything about how syntax and semantics can or must interact.

Works in progress

Current projects include:


A handout on some wh-constructions in Hindi (particularly on 'scope marking'). I provide new evidence from sluicing that, I argue, supports an indirect dependency account of scope marking, where all wh-elements are interpreted. This handout represents a very intermediate stage of development.

A poster, presented with Veronika Gvozdovaitė at CreteLing regarding some problems with the theory of "contextual allosemy", proposed in some recent implementations of Distributed Morphology.

A handout for a talk discussing the existential closure of events. I argue that, while event variables are introduced with verbs, it is higher in the sentence that they are bound by a quantifier. (Presented at The Meaning Meeting. Comments welcome.)


An overview of Paul Pietroski's book, 'Conjoining Meanings', written for proselytizing purposes: 'Introducing Internalism'

BA Thesis - Are there linguistically guaranteed inferences? Semantic atomism versus contemporary syntactic theory 


LaTeX for syntacticians: an overview document for a workshop at the University of Maryland Language Science Center in January 2024.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was President of the Oxford University Linguistics Society. I organized our events: interviews with a number of interviews with linguists and philosophers of language, conducted mostly over Zoom. I have linked here the ones I organized.

Interviews (in alphabetical order):